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Jane P from the land of hotmail writes, “I took 9 carat gold to the Cheque Centre at 1 Drysdale Street in Alloa, in the hope of selling it. They offered my £6 per gram. I didn’t sell, as it seemed a bit low. Are they ripping me off? How much do you pay for 9 ct gold?”

Thanks for writing Jane. To be fair to the Cheque Centre in Alloa, they specialise in cashing cheques, payday loans and pawning items. They do give cash for gold, but they do not specialise in it. The Alloa Cheque Centre also has a fair amount of overheads to pay for, like secure premises, staff, business rent and rates in a prime corner spot, all of which has to be taken into account when calculating what they will pay for gold jewellery, etc, so although £6 is a bit low, I don’t believe they are ripping anyone off. The cheque Centre offers a service - and a good one at that - for which they are entitled to make the profit margins that they whish to make.

To check the figure that you quoted, I visited the Alloa Cheque Centre and offered them 52g of gold and the young man, who I must say was well presented and very personable, offered me £6 per gram, which I politely declined. The value of gold fluctuates every single day - in fact last week, it dropped 60p a gram overnight, so the Cheque Centre may be offering more, or less today.

Kenneth and Son Cash for Gold in Alloa?

As for what we can offer - because we don’t have the overheads that other gold buyers, such as the Cheque Centre have - at the time that they were offering £6 per gram, we were offering £11.10 per gram. Today, we are offering £10.60 per gram, as Gold, as previously mentioned, dropped dramatically in the past few days.

We believe that we offer the best price that you will receive from any Gold trader in the Alloa, Falkirk and Stirling area, so if you are interested in cashing in on some unwanted gold or silver, call us on 07864 855447 or 0131 208 2028.

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